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The Audition Project
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Auditioning For Theatre
My name is Ravyn. I just turned 30 years old this year (I don't recommend it) and I live in Portland, Oregon. I was in my first play when I was 4 years old. At a very early age I decided that I wanted to become a stage actress. However, when I was 19 I stopped auditioning as much as I used to. Gradually, I began doing about a show every 1-2 years. I just started college again this year, and although I decided a theater degree probably wouldn't be the most financially lucrative idea, I am interested to see how far I can get when I actually put forth the effort they say you need to have.

I've heard the phrase "90% of success is just showing up". But in theatre, the saying is often "It's all about who you know". Well, which is it? This project is an attempt to find out.

Additionally, I hope to use it as a regimen; a way to make sure I stick to my goals. I hope that it will also be a way for other people to get out there and audition. You may use my project outline or adapt it to fit your own life.

Here are the rules I set for myself for The Audition Project:

The Rules
1) I will check the Callboard every Monday morning to set up my auditions.
2) All auditions/performance must be within a 10 mile radius from my home.
3) If cast, I must accept any role and write after each rehearsal/performance.
4) I do not have to go to auditions that are in the middle of rehearsals or school (that would be ridiculous).
5) I do not have to go to auditions that have a conflicting performance schedule to a show that I am already in (rehearsal schedules may be a different story, as it seems like all the actors in Portland that I meet are in about three shows at once and I wanna see how the heck they do it!).
6) If for any reason, I am cast in two shows, I must accept the role in the show that offered first.
7) I do not have to auditions for choirs, orchestras or troupes. There is no way I am going to try to be in 6 choirs at once or something inane like that.

Feel free to post your own audition experiences, or ask for audition advice. If you do post about an audition, please try to follow up with what the result was.