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Republic County Rehearsal & Headshots
ravynloony wrote in auditionproject
Ouchie! :(

Today was entirely dedicated to fighting and I am really sore. Additionally, Saturday is a due date day for my online writing class so as soon as I am done posting here I need to get to work on writing an essay about ... something. Man, I should really read the assignments before they are due.

Anyway, rehearsal went pretty well and we got a lot of stuff accomplished. For some reason during one of my falls I braced myself with my wrist, which was a stupid idea. It immediately began to tingle and continued to do so for the duration of the rehearsal. Meh.

On a good note though, the blind backwards fall as been removed. I am ecstatic about this. It was the one spot where I felt like I had no control over what my body was doing. It felt unsafe for me and the girl I had to fall over. Now it has been revamped and I think it looks a lot cooler! Yay!

Yesterday I emailed my friend Emily. She is a photographer and she does really nice headshots. She has a $75 package that a few of my friends have gotten and I'm thinking about doing it. I have never had headshots before. Usually I just try to crop an old picture so that it doesn't look like I'm really at a restaurant or friend's house. I've decided that each time I don't get into a show that I audition for I'm going to try to do one thing that will make my audition better next time. This time it is headshots. Other ideas I have are new clothes, getting my hair done, voice lessons, and dance lessons (I currently take Egyptian belly dance but it is often advised that actors in musical theater take ballet, jazz and tap), I figure that with this plan each audition should (in theory) start to get a little bit better and more professional each time. Does anybody have any other ideas (no matter how little or big) that I could use? 

In a way it is almost like rewarding myself for a poor audition. However, I think the benefits of said rewards will help my cause immensely. It's not like I would purposefully do poorly at an audition because if I fail I win a new haircut! Or would I? Hmm... no, I don't think I would. I guess we shall see!


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