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Republic County Rehearsal
Dresden Dolls
ravynloony wrote in auditionproject
Just got home from another night of screaming and running around like a maniac. Everything went pretty smoothly. It's fun to think of new ridiculous ways to scream and just be plain weird. One of the actresses missed her cue to push me to the ground so I filled in the dead time with an impromptu tap dance... It's sad sometimes that you can't use all the silly mix ups and improvs during the actual show. I bet Lizzie Borden would have loved to tap dance! Is there any dance that is more American? Yeah, probably... square dance, hula, the "white guy" dance... those are all pretty American too.

Saturday's rehearsal will be dedicated solely to fighting, which is a good thing. It is a little rough having to do all the fight scenes repeatedly, but I know it's important and has to be done for everybody's safety (well that and so the show looks good).

I should theoretically be hearing some manner of answer from Stumptown Stages tomorrow regarding Rent, but often times when a theatre does not cast you nowadays they don't even bother to have the courtesy to tell you no. I think that is really rude; much ruder than giving the dreaded 'rejection phone call'. People make plans and schedules around shows, it's nice to not to have to put stuff on hold until you hear back from a theatre. It's also nerve wracking sometimes because you think to yourself "Maybe they didn't finish casting yet. I'll give them a couple of days." That eventually turns into "I wonder if they dialed the correct number. Should I call them?" Auditioning is like going on the scariest blind date ever. You usually have no idea who the hell these people are, but you have to be nice and try to make them like you in a short period of time. After that you have to adhere to these unspoken rules that usually no make no sense whatsoever.

I think that for the most part, the only time a theatre calls you later than they were supposed to is because they couldn't get a hold of someone they wanted to cast. Say they wanted Mrs.Mastadon to play the lead in "Bacon! The Musical", so they call her and leave a voicemail letting her know that she has gotten the lead. Perhaps you were the 2nd choice to play this role, but they don't want to call and tell you no yet because they aren't even sure if Mrs. Mastadon will accept the role. Maybe she has already decided to take a part in "iPhone, Claudius". So maybe Mrs. Mastadon does call them the night rehearsals are supposed to start and say "Yes! I'd love to play the titular role in your musical". Well, it would probably be a little moot at that point to call you and tell you that you did not get a part. No duh, you already started rehearsals!

Anyhoo - I'm overly caffeinated so I have no idea if my little rant makes any sense to anyone but me right now, but at least I wrote like I said I would!

Now it's time to play video games and relax!

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Oh man, yeah, it totally irks me when they don't tell you within a reasonable time frame. I think a reasonable time frame is a week, unless they have some reason to need more time which they should let you know about.

This year I had an issue where I accepted a role, then was offered a role at a theater I really wanted to work at at the same time. I had auditioned for them over a month before they called! Of course I was unable to take it (I always take first thing offered and don't drop out) and it ended up being that I loved the show I did, but it was still annoying.

I won't even get into the theater that held auditions, 6 weeks later held callbacks, waited a month, and then called to tell me I didn't get it. Yeah. Courtesy fail.

Urgh!!! How obnoxious! It's really not that hard to pick up the phone or make these decisions. I started calling Tommy people the same night as callbacks.

Also, I am the same way. I don't drop out, and it seems like every show I am in people drop out to work on other projects, but then I always see them at more auditions immediately after. What is their deal?

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