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sexyparty84 wrote in auditionproject
Hey, I'm Ashly. I act and sing and stuff in Portland too and Ravyn wants me to do this, and I do what Ravyn says!

I am not currently auditioning as I am booked up for quite awhile (and extremely thankful about that), but I am going to post a story about the best audition I had recently.

I went in to audition for "The King and I" at Broadway Rose about six weeks ago. They had me sing my first song, then a second piece, and then the lady looked at my resume and said "Can I see this Ethel Merman impersonation?" I have that listed as one of my special skills. It generally only comes out at karaoke, in this act I do where I am possessed by the spirit of Ethel Merman, who then uses my body to drink whiskey, sexually harass people, and sing the pop hits of today. Some of her specialties are "Holy Diver" by Dio and "Hero" by Mariah Carey. Well, this nice lady asked and I obliged. I said "Just so you know, Ethel Merman likes to sing only the pop hits of today." They kind of giggled, and I burst into "Single Ladies" by Beyonce. They were totally cracking up but it was a little hard to tell if it was because they thought it was funny or if they thought I was completely off my rocker. I guess it was the latter because I got cast as one of the King's wives. Whether I'll be playing the part as myself or Ethel, I don't know yet.

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Hahahahaha! Thank you for posting. I think you should come up with a second resume of Ethel Merman's solo repertoire to whip out during auditions in case they ask about it again! :D Let me know about The King & I. I will bring you flowers!

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